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I come from a proud family that is steeped in public service. I learned at an early age that political involvement and advocacy are a privilege that should be fully utilized. My family is an inspiration to me because not only did they completely uproot their lives and come to the United States of America, they took the next step and dedicated themselves to the community and public service. My aunt, Lupe Uresti, ran for and became the first female hispanic mayor of Rosenberg in the late 80’s. Her campaign made it clear that diversity and inclusion were going to be a priority here and she brought the elected structure closer to reflecting its constituency. I am nothing without my family and everything I have accomplished has been because of their support.
I am a native son of Fort Bend County, my community invested in me from a young age and they are why I have been able to accomplish so much so far. I am indebted to the community that raised and supported me, they are my family and they deserve advocacy and representation behind the bench. I believe it is my responsibility to answer this call.
The courthouse should reflect our diverse community. I have spent the entire 21 years of my legal career advocating for justice at the Fort Bend County Courthouse practicing in the areas of criminal, civil, probate and family law. My experience makes me the most qualified candidate. I have strong connections to all of the newly elected Judges and the District Attorney and believe in the changes they have enacted and share their vision for a more diverse and progressive Fort Bend. I have the passion, drive, and dedication to serve my community.

becerra family

The Becerra name and legacy has deep roots in Fort Bend. When my family moved here in the 1930s, they brought their work ethic and family values with them. My great grandfather, Joe Becerra, established Becerra Grocery and immediately began working to provide support for his community at large. The Becerra way has always been to uplift everyone in the community.

john arredondo

John Arredondo has always advocated on behalf of his community. Mr. Arredondo was appointed to the Rosenberg City Council in 1970 to, making him the first Hispanic to serve on the Council. He was honored by the City of Rosenberg on the city’s 125th Anniversary as one of Rosenberg’s Greatest Treasures. In 2002, the FM 723 overpass was named after him and his 95th birthday, in 2009, was declared John M. Arredondo Day in the City of Rosenberg and John Arredondo elementary school was built to honor his legacy of activism and the overpass

tony becerra

Tony Becerra was a lifelong resident of Rosenberg, born on September 3, 1925, a WWII veteran and POW. Upon his return to the United States, Becerra focused on his career in Rosenberg, working as an insurance agent, barber, bail bondsman, and dancehall owner. Striving to make a difference in the community, Becerra served as a precinct judge and consistently supported efforts to register voters. Serving on Rosenberg City Council from 1992 to 2005, he remained a dedicated servant to the public. He organized community events where he registered voters because he knew the importance of having a voice at the table. He is honored in Rosenberg by Tony Becerra Park.

lupe uresti

Lupe Uresti was the second of six children and her family, the Arredondo’s, owned a thriving furniture store in the minority area north of the segregated town’s railroad tracks. She grew up in a segregated area, constantly reminded of her own culture and heritage and told this is the way it would always be, she refused to believe that. After years of hard work and political organizing She won a position on the Rosenberg City Council. Later, in 1992, she was elected mayor of Rosenberg.”After I was elected, older ladies would come to me and cry because … it was a reality that they thought they were never going to see,” Uresti said. “My election was a door opener for all Hispanics.”

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Fort Bend County is rapidly changing. In 2018, I witnessed the blue wave first hand and it was inspirational to see the reform and innovation that came with the newly elected officials. I want to be a part of the new Fort Bend. I know I am the most qualified for this position and I am devoted to protecting the integrity of the Courthouse.

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