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The criminal justice system, especially in Fort Bend, has progressed and reformed immensely but we have a way to go. When I become the next Judge of the 434th District Court, I plan on making the criminal justice system accessible to the people. There should be an open channel of communication and accountability. When I uplift my community, I plan on bringing everyone else with me.
I want to establish trust between communities and I plan on doing this by orchestrating open community forums in every community between judges, attorneys, police forces and the people. I want there to be open communication because this is a system for a people by the people. This means keeping every part of the criminal justice system accountable.

we’re going to work

I am going to work and so is my court. We will take as many cases a day and as many dockets a week as we can. These are not just cases for me, they are people, they are families, they deserve a chance and they deserve my time. This means the prosecutors, attorneys and cases will be available every day so we can help the people of Fort Bend find justice faster. The people are my first priority.
The system can work faster and serve more people and that is what I would like to make happen. I will make it a point to bring my devotion and insight behind the bench because my experience is what makes me so qualified for this.


Our biases, prejudices and perceptions of the world impact the way we navigate our day and the courthouse is no exception. It is the responsibility of every person in the courthouse to assure that those biases do not get in the way of justice.
There will be no racial, ethic, religious, gender or sexual orientation bias in my courthouse. I am maintaining the rule of law as it is written, I will not tolerate any form of prejudice or bigotry in my courtroom. I live my life and run my practice and run my campaign on the tenets of community, rule of law and equitable justice for all. I feel that this position should not be influenced by underlying political ideology or any motivations other than upholding the law impartially. In 20+ years of practice, my goal has always remained attaining justice and that will continue to drive me behind the bench.


Not only do I know the law and I have practiced it for the past 20+, I know the execution in Fort Bend. I know what works and what doesn’t. It is crucial that we elect Judges based on merit and who are fit to fill that position and carry out the rule of law and serve their community. I see my position as a civil servant. I want to serve my community.


Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the country and we need to assure that our leadership reflects this diversity. I want there to be resources and representation for my community, having a voice at the table is absolutely essential. Not only am I from a diverse background, but I also have a wide range of legal perspectives that allows me a keen insight on judicial oversight and reform.
Our Courthouse should look like our community. There is no diversity without inclusion and I want to assure we have both.

progress is coming

We have come a long way since this country was built, but we must remember the principles we were founded under, the equality, empathy and integrity that makes us America. I know how much is still left to reform in the criminal justice system but I want us to do it together, I want the judge, the court, the prosecutors and attorneys to work for the people and not against them anymore. Progress is coming!
I know I can do this, I know we can do this.

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